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Zorbit’s by Carnegie Learning

It all starts with our research-proven games, Zorbit’s Math for K-3 and the new Mathstoria game for 4-6 (coming Fall 2021) where kids explore targeted math concepts within an exciting narrative. These in-game experiences are supported by a library of hands-on Classroom Resources that …

Zorbit’s Math Adventure New Teacher Trial

The Zorbit’s Math Adventure game is available in English and French – all teacher resources are available in English only. The Zorbit’s game is available on iPads and all up-to-date web browsers – it currently does not run on Android devices. Here is a full list of technical requirements.

Zorbit’s Math Remote Teaching Resources

With teachers pivoting in response to rapidly evolving learning environments, educational leaders are looking for resources that can keep up. Complete this form and we’ll send you a bundle of ‘low-floor; high-ceiling’ math tasks along with some interactive lessons by our own Matt Matics for you to share with your teachers.

Getting Started: Logging in, Creating Your Class, & Adding ……

Board Staff Portal – visit your internal staff portal page and launch Zorbit’s from there. Google Single Sign On (SSO) – navigate to and click on the " Sign On With Google " button. Zorbit’s Login Page – and enter your email address and password to sign in

Zorbit’s Math Adventure

Getting Started With Zorbits Product Updates & Improvements Promoted articles. Getting Started: Logging in, Creating Your Class, & Adding Students Student Login Cards & Parent Letters Students: How to Access and Play Zorbit’s Math Adventure

Zorbit’s Math Adventure – YouTube

Zorbit’s Math Adventure is a game-based learning platform for K-3 math. Zorbit immerses students in a rich world of engaging math problem-solving. It has been proven to help students to develop …

Zorbit’s Math Adventure Game Rewards – Zorbit’s Math Adventure…

  • Merit Badges are part of the star rewards that appear at the end of a level. Merit Badges level up the more you complete content for that particular concept. The better a student performs in an activity the faster a merit badge will level up. To view the merit badges you’ve earned head to your backpack. Inside your backpack you will see a merit badge tab like the one below:

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