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RescueNet: 12-Lead ECG Management for EMS – ZOLL Medical

RescueNet ® 12-Lead enables rapid diagnosis and provides highly secure and highly efficient management of 12-leads.. EMS to hospital collaboration has had a major impact on outcomes for STEMI (ST-elevation myocardial infarction) patients. And pre-hospital management of these patients continues to improve, thanks to advances in the care medics provide and innovations in technology.…/12lead_administration.ashx

Using RescueNet 12Lead Log On 1. In a web browser, type The RescueNet 12Lead login screen opens. Usernames and Passwords: Initially, ZOLL provides you with an administrator username but no password. For security reasons, you will use the Forget your password? link on the login page to request a temporary password.…/12-lead_getting_started.ashx

Enter Server Name "RN 12-lead" then press Next Enter IP Address "" then press Next Verify Server Port Number "3780" then press Next Enter Server Password you set above in DUN Device Settings on RescueNet 12-Lead then press Next Confirm Server Information and if correct press Accept then press Return…/12lead_user-pdf.ashx

RescueNet® 12Lead is a web-based management system that uses a web browser to provide quick, easy access to critical 12Lead records sent from ZOLL defibrillators. With RescueNet 12Lead, users can view, distribute, close, add notes, and print 12Lead records; search for Inbox and/or closed 12Lead records, and run reports. How it works. When …

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