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Oracle Beehive Central Home Page

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Oracle Beehive Central Home Page

Welcome to Oracle Beehive, a product built for the communication and collaboration needs of today’s workplace. Use Beehive’s integrated tools — including conferencing, instant messaging, e-mail, calendar, team workspaces and mobile access — to efficiently exchange and share information. Beehive Central is your entrance to the Beehive ……/zimbra20-169236.pdf

Nov 04, 2011

 · Access Oracle Beehive Webmail as described in Accessing Oracle Beehive Webmail. 2. At the Log In screen, enter your Username and Password. (See User name and Password.) 3. Click Log In. User name and Password Your company will have assigned you specific credentials to access Oracle Beehive Webmail. Your user name is typically your e-mail address.

Configuring Oracle Beehive Integration for Zimbra

Run the Config Wizard for Oracle Beehive Integration for Zimbra and complete the configuration. Configure TLS for Oracle Beehive Integration for Zimbra. Perform "Step 2: Configuring Oracle Beehive Instance to Use Oracle Wallet". (Note that you already created an auto-login wallet for Oracle Beehive Integration for Zimbra in …

Managing Oracle Beehive E-mail

8 Manag ing Oracle Beehive E-mail. This module presents instructions for performing a variety of configuration tasks involving how Oracle Beehive handles e-mail. The instructions in this module assume that you are already familiar with the use of beectl commands to set properties of the E-mail Service. For detailed instructions on setting service properties, see "Oracle Beehive Parameter …

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