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Zimbra Web Client Sign In

The Classic Web App is familiar to long-time Zimbra users. It delivers advanced collaboration and calendar features popular with power users on Desktop web browsers. Default This will sign you in according to your saved Preference. In the Modern Web App, set this preference in Settings > General > Zimbra Version.

Logging on to the Administration Console – Zimbra

The first time you log on, a certificate authority (CA) alert may be displayed. Click Accept this certificate permanently to accept the certificate and be able connect to the Zimbra administration console. Then click OK.

Zimbra Web Client Log In – School District of Philadelphia

Zimbra provides open source server and client software for messaging and collaboration. To find out more visit

???zimbraTitle??? – Zimbra Web Client Sign In

Zimbra provides open source server and client software for messaging and collaboration. To find out more visit

Web Client URL Tricks – Zimbra :: Tech Center

  • debug=3 This will popup a debug window in full debug. For less verbose output try debug=2 or debug=1 Syntax: http://<host>:<port>/?debug=<debug-level> Example: Example: Example:

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  • How to add your Logo in the Login and App … – Zimbra : Blog…

    Aug 01, 2016

     · If you are using Zimbra Collaboration Network Edition, login in the Admin Console, go to the Domain where you want to White-Label following the next path Home > Configure > Domains, then edit the Domain. In the Preferences of the Domain, click Themes. You will be able to select the Colors of the Theme, or you can use an HEX code.

    User not able to login to WebUI – Zimbra :: Tech Center

    Login to the WebUI using the modified user. 3. At this point the user should be able to login to his account and the first default folder is Sent. 4. Click on the Calendar tab 5. See if there is a crossed shared calendar on the left side. 6. If there is anything like that, delete it, log out, change the default folder in AdminUI to Inbox, and …

    Administration Console URL & Port – Zimbra Forums

    Oct 19, 2016

     · Dear all, Sorry for the new topic with this, but I cannot find any solution for me. I have an installed ZCS, it works fine. My config now: Webmail: Admin Console: (I changed the url) The admin console is available only from my local network, because my ISP is blocking all port except the needed ports for mailing (80, 443, 110, 995 …


    Lors de la migration vers Zimbra, la procédure de synchronisation des boîtes mails peut dans certains cas ne pas avoir fonctionné comme nous l’espérions. S’offrent à vous 2 méthodes de synchronisation : – Via un client IMAP évolué, votre ancien compte mail étant temporairement accessible en IMAP sur le serveur …

    database. It is important that the E-mail attribute in your IDP is set exactly the same as the Zimbra account name. Or the user will not be able to log-in. If it does not work run a tail -f /opt/zimbra/log/* while doing the authentication request and dig through to log to find out what the …

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