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Nikshay Aushadhi

To enhance the implementation of Nikshay Aushadhi, NIKSHAY and other related activities under NTEP, the Programme has successfully finalized the procurement of 20K of Tablets. The Tablet Computers will be distributed at Central and State levels like Programme & GMSDs officials, State TB Officer, State /Districts Pharmacists, Lab technician etc.

Dashboard::Nikshay Reports

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For queries regarding the use of Nikshay, you may use the training materials provided, or call our National Help Desk 1800-11-6666 or write to us at For more details about the National TB Elimination Program(NTEP) you may visit the program website at ( ), or contact us at the following address

Dashboard::Nikshay Reports

Definition: It gives a graphical summary of state, district and TU-wise total notified TB cases for both Public & Private sector. Description: This report enables the user to view at a glance the total number of TB Patients notified based on date range (Date of diagnosis) selected by user.These counts are based on the “Diagnosing facility” of the patients.

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