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Western Weather Group specializes in weather information services. As a systems integrator, our industrial grade meteorological instrumentation services include system design, sales of equipment, installation, field maintenance, calibration, EPA audits and data collection, processing and distribution through our cloud based web hosting services and API routines.

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THE WESTERN WEATHER GROUP ADVANTAGE. Incorporating data from automated weather stations into our weather forecasts we create a unique product for our customers. Our forecasts contain information important to the end user such as growing degree days, reference evapotranspiration, disease model indices and heat stress information used in agriculture.

Lake County Weather

Lake County Weather Station Quick Links. Upper Lake Scotts Valley Scotts Valley-South Kelseyville Kelseyville Remote Kelseyville (Clark) Kelseyville-South Bell Hill West …

Lodi Winegrape Commission Weather

Daily Max Wind (mph) Daily ETo (in) Daily Leaf Wet Hrs (hrs) Colony 1. 9/5/21. 0530. 52.7 2.8. 73 19. 44.4 3.2.

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