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West Central Foodservice is a premium wholesale food, frozen produce and restaurant supplies distribution company located in Los Angeles, CA – 800.464.8349 800.464.8349 COMPANY

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PRODUCE. West Central buyers source fresh fruits and vegetables from all over the world and walk local farmer’s markets looking for new items that will stimulate both our client’s creativity and the appetites of your customers. We have a vast range of fresh fruits and vegetables varying in size, grade, variety, and stages of …

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Chester Frangipani, founder of West Central Produce, Inc., grew up on the East Coast. From an early age, Chet (as he is known to his family, friends, and work colleagues) displayed a huge appreciation for fresh produce. At the tender age of 8, he revealed a true entrepreneurial spirit when he …

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Contact West Central Produce wholesale food distribution services Los Angeles CA. Call Us Today- 213.629.3600 or 800.464.8349

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West Central provides a mouth-watering selection of dried and cured sausages. We offer dried meats such as prosciutto and Iberico ham and supply a variety of delicious offerings in containers, such as pâté, terrine and mousse. Other popular items include high quality sulfate and nitrate free bacon and pastrami. Angel Salumi.

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