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E-FILING OF RETURN FOR VATLogin. Instruction for e-Filing of VAT Return: 1. Enter User id and Password. 2. Change Password if Login for the first time. 3. Download any …

Directorate of Commercial Taxes, West Bengal

Government of West Bengal Help Desk: 1800 121 0060 (Toll Free), 9836529667, 9830633755, 9163138658, 9239244758, 7122-1000, 1222, 7122-1527 Tax evasion is a crime.

Dealer Profile Login Page –

Dealer Profile Login Page. Instruction for viewing Dealer’s Profile : 1. Enter User id and Password and Click the "Submit" button . 2. Dealer’s Profile will be shown for current financial year such as : a) Electronic VAT Return. b) Electronic CST Return.

e-RETURN – Directorate of Commercial Taxes, West Bengal

Login for e-Filing of Entry Tax Return User Manual for e-Filing of VAT Return- Form 14 User Manual for e-Filing of VAT Return- Form 15

eCentral Declaration form – Login.

Instructions for viewing the requisition and printing the declaration form. Login using Userid and Password as used during any e-service login such as e-filing of VAT return. Select ‘e-Requisition for Central Declaration Forms’. Select the Return Period and Form Type to view Annexure submitted with the selected CST Return.

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