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Substance searching on SciFinder gives you complete control and access to the world’s most comprehensive substances collection in the CAS REGISTRY SM.. Explore through a variety of structure search techniques such as exact, substructure, similarity or Markush. Search with confidence using Smartsearch, a technology that thinks like you and automatically considers tautomers (including keto …

SciFinder Registration As a SciFinder user, you can create your own username and password using a registration form. The URL for the form is provided by your institution’s SciFinder administrator or librarian.

Is there any free website (such as Scifinder or Reaxys ……

Feb 16, 2016

 · Is there any free website (such as Scifinder or Reaxys) for organic chemistry reaction search? I am looking for a free website, similar to that of Scifinder or Reaxys. Synthetic Organic Chemistry

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Oct 01, 2018

 · SciFinder, a resource from the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), is a curated database of chemical and bibliographic information that covers several scientific and biomedical fields, with an emphasis on chemistry. Originally launched in 1995 as a desktop software application, the web version of SciFinder was released in 2008 [1].

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Available as a standalone solution or integrated with CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform, CAS Analytical Methods makes it simple to locate, compare, and understand analytical methods from top journals and patents. CAS Analytical Methods is a single source for searching and comparing the latest published scientific methods by featuring step-by-step instructions that you can take right to the lab …

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