In life, people always make mistakes inadvertently and cause their accounts to be stolen. If someone else accesses your account, they will be able to do anything with it, even steal money from the bank account. One of the most common habit is that people always subconsciously ignore Windows “available updates” reminders, which leads to vulnerabilities in computers.

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Our residents feel their skills are enhanced thanks to their work with the Aging Well program. They are very motivated by these new formats of memory worshops.

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Thanks to its suitability for seniors, the Aging Well program is a very attractive way for them to work on their memory

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Nov 09, 2020

 · Login and start using the HappyNeuron Pro cognitive rehabilitation platform featuring 40+ unique exercises.

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Brugervenligt og meget anvendeligt til vores målgruppe (voksne hjerneskadede). Har givet en mere effektiv træning, mindre forberedelsestid og mere målbare/synlige resultater.

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HAPPYneuron Pro cognitive rehab tools facilitate the effective treatment of a variety of neurotrauma, neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric conditions through standard and specialized programs consisting of fun and interactive games specially designed for targeted stimulation of key cognitive functions.

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Nov 14, 2016

 · HappyNeuron Pro is a digital therapy tool that clinicians can use to provide engaging cognitive therapy for their patients. Cognitive therapy exercises engage and train various brain regions necessary for everyday functioning. 45+ Cognitive Exercises. All Major Cognitive Areas. Tons of Settings & Datasets.

NeuroNation – Scientific Brain Training Exercises

Enrich your life with scientific brain training: Improvement over time: NeuroNation brain games aim to improve your working memory, which is your ability to process information …

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Professionel Hjernetræning er den danske udgave af HAPPYneuron Pro. Professionel Hjernetræning er et effektivt redskab, der kan anvendes i behandlingen af klienten med kognitive vanskeligheder opstået som følge af hjerneskade, neuropsykiatriske tilstande eller aldring. Professionel Hjernetræning består af en tre standardiserede og specialiserede programmer som hver indeholder en række …

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HAPPYneuron Pro is a web-based cognitive remediation suite designed to be used by qualified professionals treating individuals suffering from disorders in cognitive functioning. HAPPYneuron Pro has a number of cognitive therapy exercises that target areas of Executive Functioning, Verbal Memory, Visual Memory, Spatial Memory, Visual and Spatial …

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CogniFit recommends you train 20 minutes 3 times per week. In-depth, personalized results reporting. See your cognitive strengths, areas for improvement, and how your abilities improve over time with our brain games that constantly adapt to your unique profile. Start now.

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