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SCI Gateway Referral Access – Scotland…

SCI Gateway Referral Access – Scotland If you use the SCI Gateway referral screen supplied by your Health Board via Vision, the way you access the screen has been updated. This quick reference guide explains how you should now access the SCI Gateway referral screen.

Clinical Science Web Result Gateway –

Clinical Science Web Result Gateway. Welcome to Clinical Science‘s Web Result Interface. Please enter your credentials to review your result reports. If you have not yet setup an account please contact Clinical Science to have one set up for you.

Citrix Gateway

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When you log onto SCI Gateway you are establishing a connection over the NHSNet, therefore you will need a SCI Gateway user name and password for security purposes. In the first instance you will be given these by your system administrator – you will be able to change your password at any time after this.

SCI Gateway | Scottish National Users Group

Sep 10, 2015

 · SCI Gateway SCI Gateway is designed as a national portal for clinical communications between and within Healthcare organisations and has been developed by National Information Systems Group (NISG) as a cornerstone product of the eHealth Strategy in Scotland. SCI Gateway facilitates the secure and reliable exchange of patient-based clinical information and integrates with commercial GP…

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