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QuikTrip, QT, QT Kitchens, Fleetmaster, Freezoni, Guaranteed Gasoline, Hole Bunches, Hotzi, PumpStart, QTea, QT Twister, Quik’n Tasty, QuikShake, and QT Select …

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Financial Benefits. Retirement Plan: QuikTrip’s Retirement Plan consists of 401 (k), Profit Sharing and ESOP. Plan Eligibility Requirements for Participation: Active QuikTrip employees who are at least 21 years old and who have at least one year of service in which they have worked 1,000 hours, are automatically enrolled in the Plan.


Login to view your Explanation of Benefits. You will be able to easily access information including, patient name, claim type, date (s) incurred, provider, and charge amount. You may also review a copy of the actual EOB.


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If you have an account, simply login above to apply. Automatic 3¢ off Gas Use your Kwik Rewards Credit or Debit to purchase fuel at Kwik Trip and automatically get 3¢ per gallon off at the pump.

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